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1.A Portable Fall Detection And Alerting System Based On K-Nn Algorithm And Remote Medicine  

2.Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System For Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, And Stolen Vehicle Detection 

3.RFID-Based System For School Children Transportation Safety Enhancement  

4.Wi-Fi Based A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial Monitoring 

5.Design And Development Of Electronic Mobility Aids For Persons With Visual Impairments 

6.Bio-Inspired Glucose Control In Diabetes Based On An Analogue Implementation Of A-ΒCELL Model 

A Hybrid Approach For Efficient Modeling Of Wireless Safety Systems In
Coal Mines 

Feasibility Of Air Quality Monitoring Systems Based On Energy Harvesting
For Urban 

An Embedded System In Passenger Car For Road Safety 

Wireless Power Transfer System With Reconfigurable Resonant Regulating Rectifier And Wireless Power Control For Implantable Medical Devices 

Android Phone Controlled Voice, Gesture Operated Smart Wheelchair 

Automatic Detection And Notification Of Potholes And Humps On Roads To Aid Drivers 

Smart Sensor Scheduling For Multiple Target Tracking For Border Surveillance 

Bus Detection System For Blind People Using RFID 

A Novel Approach For Communication Among Deaf And Dumb People 

Design And Implementation Of Water Environment Monitoring System Using GSM Technology 

Context-Aware Energy Saving System With Multiple Comfort-Constrained Optimization In M2m-Based Home Environment 

Advanced Hybrid Systems For Vehicle Start And Safety  

Design For Visually Impaired To Work At Industry Using RFID Technology 

Track-And Detection Method For Young Children 

GSM Based Interactive Voice Response System For Wireless Load Control And Monitoring 

MECHATRONIC Design Solution For Unmanned Gasoline Injector And Monitoring  

Implementation Of An In Campus Fire Alarm System Using ZIGBEE 

Development Of Electronic Solar Tracking Equipment Managed By Microcontroller 

Distributed Security-Constrained Unit Commitment For Large-Scale Industry  

A Novel Method To Enhance The Security Of ATM Using Biometrics 

A Cost–Benefit Analysis Of Communication To Wireless Sensor Networks In Underground Hard Rock Mines 

High-Voltage Power Line Communication System For Metering Network  

Smart Home For Elderly Care, Based On Wireless Sensor Network  

Smart Surveillance And Attendance Management System  

A Low Cost Smart Architecture For Automatic Fare Collection In Intelligent Public Transit 

Design And Realization Of Double-Mode Communication Platform Based On Cooperative Vehicle System 

Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data For Embedded Health Assessment 

Visual Surveillance Using Absolute Different Motion Detection 

Wireless Arm-Based Automatic Meter Reading & Control System (WAMRCS)  

Group modeling and analysis for bomb detection using mobile Sensor/robotic networks 

Wireless Power Transfer System  

Wireless Power Transfer For Medical Microsystems Using Wi-Fi 

Optimizing Irrigation Scheduling Through Networked Sensors  

ZIGBEE-Based Irrigation System For Home Gardens 

Real Time Bike Monitoring System Based On Embedded Board  

Smartphone Based Ambient Assisted Living Platform 

Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguishing Vehicle  

Low-Cost And Reliable Wireless Communication System For Monitoring A Photovoltaic Source 

Sensor For Non-Invasive Glucose Measurements Design And Implementation Of A Novel Linear  

Mobile Middleware Application And Services For Real-Time Water Pump System 

Protocol For Improved Energy Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks To Support Mobile Robots 

Design And Application Of A Voc Monitoring System Based On A ZIGBEE Wireless Sensor Network 

A System for Automatic Notification and severing Estimation of Automotive Accidents  

Protocol For Improved Energy Efficiency 

Design of low cast Maritime Boundary Identification device using GPS system 

Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged 

Fisherman Protection Any Security System 

RFID-based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation 

ZIGBEE Wireless Communication for Monitoring Renewable Street Light System