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1.Fabrication Of Mini Cyclone Separator With Blower For Dust Removal

2.Five Axis Pick And Place Robo With 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper Mechanism

3.Fabrication Of Solar Dryer

4.Over Speed Indication And Automatic Vehicle Accident Prevention System

5.Mini Wind Mill Cell Phone Charger

6.Magnetic Power Transmission For Machines

7.Automatic Pressure Controller Cum Valve Open/Close Arrangement

8.D & F Of Automatic Lubrication System

9.Contour Turning Attachment For Lathe

10.Wind Energy Vehicle For More Efficient And Control Pollution

11.Integrated Drunk And Drive Prevention System

12.Design And Fabrication Of Abrasive Cutting Machine

13.Design And Fabrication Of Abrasive Cutting Machine

14.Sensor Operated Intelligent Reverse Braking System

15.Automatic Break Failure Indicator And Engine Over Heating Alarm

16.Fabrication Of Aqua Silencer

17.Foot Operated Hydraulic Lifting System

18.Automatic Dam Shutter Controlling System

19.Electrical Power Generation From Over Head Water Tank

20.Fuel Processing (Hydrogen Gas Production) Technology

21.Pneumatic Door Open/Close Mechanism

22.Electrical Energy Generation By Using Vibration

23.Pedal Operated Cell Phone Charger

24.Design And Analysis Of Press Tool Machine

25.Elimination Of Carbon Particles From Exhaust Gas

26.Fabrication Of Pneumatic Tail Stock

27.Fabrication Of Emission Control Of Diesel Engine

28.Automatic Temperature Controller With Cooling System

29.Fabrication Of Aqua Silencer

30.Mini Fire Fighting Robot With Sensors

31.Power Generation From Small Wind Mill

32.Fabrication Of Self Lubricated Gear Pump

33.Fabrication Of Miniature Boiler

34.Pneumatic Bending/Bend Removing Machine

35.Remote Controlled Pneumatic Door Open-Close System

36.Automatic Pneumatic Punching Machine

37.Fabrication Of Metal Crack Detector

38.Anti Dazzling Head Light For Two Wheeler

39.Remote Controlled Car/Bus Door Open/Close Mechanism

40.Piezo Electric Power Generating Shock Absorber

41.Quick Lifting Jack With Gear Arrangement

42.Mini Hydraulic Press

43.Automatic Transformer Heat Reduction System

44.Automatic Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine

45.Fabrication Of Pneumatic Drill Jig

46.Emergency Braking System For Four Wheeler (EBS)

47.Electric Power From Industrial Waste Water

48.Prevention Kit For Driving Two Wheeler With Safety

49.Automatic Head Light Dim/Bright And Engine Over Heating Alarm

50.Design & Analysis Of Hydraulic Jack

51.Automatic Spring Rolling Machine

52.Vehicle Ignition Using RFID Smart Card

53.Fabrication Of Spring Separator

54.Solar Air Conditioning

55.Power Saving Conveyor For Industry

56.Automatic Pneumatic Bumper For Four Wheeler

57.fabrication Of Solar Water Heater

58.Pneumatic Reciprocating Hack Saw Machine

59.Automatic Water Tape Controlling System

60.Fabrication Of Mini Solar Air Cooler

61.Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Power Generation System

62.Fabrication Of Air Leak Detector

63.Voice Controlled Wheel Chair Robo For Physically Challenged

64.Railway Accident Avoiding System-Fire

65.Mine Hydrology Monitoring System Using LABVIEW.

66.Automatic Gear Changer For Two Wheelers

67.Efficient Hydraulic Bearing Puller